Well this has been a very productive weekend. I had four different photo shoots with friends between Friday and today! I am now at the required 35 photos for the Sofobomo project but I'm not stopping there! I still have at least 4 or 5 more people to try to schedule time with so I can take photos of them. One of them leaves the country on Friday so I'm not sure I'll get to her in time :( I will take my camera with me this week to a few celebrations including anniversary dinners and my photo reception. I'm sure there'll be a few photo ops over the course of the week.

There aren't yet any photos of ME in the book. I'll have to remedy that soon, even if it means setting up my tripod and the timer and just posing in front of it (not my favorite thing ever.)

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Well, I think it's all supposed to be photos taken by me. I made one exception to this by setting up a photo of me holding hands with my grandfather and my mom took it.

But if you want to take photos of me sometime, I'd be happy to pose for you ;)

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I did what I always do, and took a pic of me and Abbey in the bathroom mirror. :D It's not the best of the bunch, but it's good enough for me. ;)


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I think that's an adorable photo of you two! And what a pretty mirror too!
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