Last night I told more friends at a party about my project and they said they'd love to be in it (3 more people).

I also took some better pictures of my dog.

Today: Nada, zip, zero, zilch. I have three minutes left to today. I'll try to at least download the Blurb software so I can start the layout.

Tomorrow: I'll bring my camera to a Memorial Day get together and maybe take some photos of people.

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I don't know if this fits with your current project, but I am going to be in the Bay area in July, and I'd be happy to get in front of the camera for you (something we talked about a million years ago when we both still lived in MA, and never did!).

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I'd love to see you and take photos of you! It won't be in time for this book project but that's not a problem :)

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yes, i obviously also meant that I'd love to see you, if that wasn't clear! I will email you the exact dates when I have my ticket booked. It'll be somewhere around the first week of July. =)


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