Do you have any recommendations on where to look for apartments? I'm asking both for neighborhoods you like and for apartment listings. We have been looking and have run into a few problems: 1) When they say dogs are ok, they are mostly thinking dogs that are smaller than our cats. 2) Steve has seen some amazing apartments in not so good neighborhoods.

I've mostly been looking on craigslist for ads. Yesterday I posted our wishlist for an apt. on both tribe and craigslist. Are there any LJ communities you'd recommend I post to? After all, we found our current roommate through the Los Angeles LJ community.

I'm leaving this post public in case you know of anyone who has a place available and want to point them my way. Thanks!

Here's our wishlist )
We really like our roommate and are sad to see him go. But, grad school is calling him, so we need another person to come share the place with us.

The apartment: A 2 bedroom garden apt. a block from Venice Beach. Small apt. building with only four units and friendly neighbors.

the details )


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