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I just registered my class and it is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday August 5th and Wednesday August 6th from 3-6pm. Both classes will meet at La Familia Gladiatoria's camp site. Ours is the hard to miss Greek temple on the lake. Here's the description:

Pennsic is our vacation, so why not pamper ourselves? Come learn about the history of the Turkish bath, try out some beauty treatments & sample Turkish desserts. The first section will be held in camp and the second at the classic swimming hole. Please bring a towel. For privacy, this is open to women & girls only.
The Turkish Bath class at Pennsic this year will take place on Tuesday August 7th and Thursday August 9th from 3-6pm. Tues. class will be in La Familia Gladiatoria's camp. Thurs. class will be at the Classic Swimming hole.

Here's the rest of the description:
Pennsic is our vacation so why not pamper ourselves? Come learn about history and beauty treatments used in period Turkey and sample Turkish desserts. Please bring a towel.

Any questions, please contact me here or at nisaatbl AT yahooooooooooo


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