1. Where are you camping?
W14 - La Familia Gladiatoria. Ours is the Greek temple on the lake at the bottom of Runestone Hill. You can't miss it. (I never get tired of saying that.)

2. When are you arriving?
Sunday the 8th around 5:30 at Pittsburgh Airport. Hopefully someone will pick me up . . .

3. What cool stuff are you doing?
My camp holds a Turkish and Greek Dessert Night on the Monday of War Week. I hear there'll be Turkish coffee, apricots with cream, dates filled with goat cheese and mascarpone, Turkish shortbread (gluten-free and otherwise) and stuffed grape leaves, just to name a few things. And we'll have performers of some kind. It's a very civilized party.

I also teach a Turkish Bath Class, open to Women-only. It's a medieval spa day. I am proud to say I make redheads every year.

If someone will let me, I'd love to go to Baroness Run Amok on Thursday night because there'll be some great women running amok. Even if I'm not a baroness.

4. What's your SCA name?
Nisaa Karahisari (well, actually it's a lot longer than that. Just call me Nisaa and I'll respond.)
nisaa: (nisaa potrero)
( Apr. 25th, 2008 10:01 am)
This is mostly for people who go to Pennsic and/or those who live in the East Kingdom and see Auntie Arwen selling her herbs and spices at SCA events. I've been using "Omar's Secret Turkish Coffee Spice Blend" to make French toast and it's quite good! I won't use it in Turkish coffee when I make it for a bunch of people because it has sugar in it (I like to leave that out for the diabetics I know). Anyway:

nisaa: (nisaa potrero)
( May. 17th, 2007 11:36 pm)
Since I'm up waiting for our guests to arrive, I thought I'd note that there are 70 days til Pennsic.

Which means, maybe 75 days until I see this (worksafe) view )

You may continue with your regularly scheduled day/night.

p.s. I'll need models for the next issue of our bathtub calendar. Any volunteers? It'll be a fundraiser for La Familia Gladiatoria's temple.


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