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( Sep. 15th, 2009 05:20 pm)
This is a quote from my friend [ profile] marrus's new book, Lightsurfing which you can get here. There are a lot of inspirational parts of her book but I want to share this one from page 87:

When you wake up in the morning, stretch luxuriously, feeling how warm and soft your bed is, or how grateful you are for the good man or woman beside you.

When you swing your legs out over the bed and place them on the floor, be grateful that you have feet and can move them at will, that you have a floor and a roof.

When you take a piss, know that there are those who need tubes and a nurse to perform such a basic function.

It goes on and on. Happiness comes from living life
now, being aware of what you have that brings you joy and peace and focusing on that. Sure sometimes this part hurts or that bill goes unpaid, sometimes we're very sick and sometimes our beloved dies, but this a beautiful, huge world, and as long as there if life, there is the potential for joy and love.

So quit your bitching. Open your eyes. Squeeze every drop out of every moment you've got.
[ profile] marrus' book, Lightsurfing, will be available this week in New Orleans!
She'll be at Pravda at 1113 Decatur Street at 7ish on Thursday with books and her prints for sale. More info here:


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