If I had more room here, I would offer an inspirational Powerpoint presentation designed just for you. In the beginning, I would seize your attention with an evocative image that my marketing department had determined would give you a visceral thrill. (Like maybe a photoshopped image of you wearing a crown and holding a scepter.) In the next part, I would describe various wonderful and beautiful things about you. Then I'd tactfully describe an aspect of your life that's underdeveloped and could use some work. I'd say, "I'd love for you to be more strategic in promoting your good ideas. I'd love for you to have a well-crafted master plan that will attract the contacts and resources necessary to lift your dream to the next level."

Hey Rob, this is great but I love my job already!

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): I'm hoping that 2010 will be the year you do
whatever it takes to fall more deeply in love with the work you do. I'd like
to see you reshape the job you have so that it better suits your soul's
imperatives. If that's not possible, consider looking for or even creating a
new job. The cosmos will be conspiring to help you accomplish this. Both
hidden and not-so-hidden helpers will be nudging you to earn your
livelihood in ways that serve your highest ideals and make you feel at
peace with your destiny.
Hi my name is [livejournal.com profile] nisaa. I'm a Libra and an acupuncturist:

My friend Joan was experiencing a cascade of annoying physical symptoms -- mediocre digestion, mild headaches, chronic congestion in her ear, itchy skin. None was terrible, but together they were a big distraction. After two trips to her regular acupuncturist, there was little improvement. The acupuncturist decided it was time for more drastic measures: He was going to try a dramatic treatment that was akin to pushing a reset button on a machine. Success! Joan was freed from the nagging ailments and experienced a thorough rejuvenation. I suggest you seek out the equivalent treatment, Libra: Push the reset button.

This week, I love Rob:

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You could grow moonflowers in a toxic waste dump, Libra. You could lift the spirits of a child who has been raised in grievous poverty. That's how much regenerative power you possess right now. You might even be able to locate underground water in a desert, or resurrect a dead dream, or alleviate half of your deepest suffering. I'm not absolutely sure you could transform lead into gold, but I do know that now is one of your best chances ever to pull it off.


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