Please spread the word. I've been meaning to do this for a few years now:

Have you come back from the Playa with a bad dry hacking cough? Sunburned & exhausted? Take $30 off your next acupuncture treatment. Offer good until 9/22/09.

Also, I have a facebook page for Cicuto Acupuncture
Please check it out and become a fan.

Denise Cicuto
Cicuto Acupuncture
This was at Creature Comfort in Oakland earlier today. For the acupuncturists in the audience, this is Du 14. (Apparently BaiHui is closer to their bum than the top of their head. Curious that.) She had about 10 needles in her all together for 20 minutes!!

p.s. She's fine other than doing more scratching lately so it's back to being strict about grain-free foods for her. And she gets to take Si Miao San for a while too.
This is a quick reminder that my next Acupuncture Happy Hour will be this week in my Alameda office on Thursday May 7th from 5-7pm at Back to Life Wellness Center, 1505 Webster Street in Alameda.

These are 20-minute ear acupuncture treatments, for $20 in a group setting. Come treat yourself to a little stress relief break. Bring a friend, especially if they have never tried acupuncture before - this is a great introduction.

The next San Francisco Happy Hour will be on Monday May 18th from 5-7pm at 703 Clement Street in San Francisco.

Be well,

Denise Cicuto L.Ac.

Tomorrow from 5-7pm in my San Francisco office, I'll be having an acupuncture happy hour - a non-alcoholic stress reduction experience. Come relax after Tax Day with a 20 minute ear acupuncture treatment for $20.

703 Clement street at 8th Avenue. Bring a friend!


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( Nov. 19th, 2008 09:50 am)
It's not too late to order some of [ profile] joedecker's beautiful holiday cards.

Also, gift certificates for acupuncture make great holiday gifts. Special holiday bonus: if you buy someone a treatment, you get a complimentary one for yourself (offer good til the end of the year).

And hey, you can give someone a gift certificate inside of one of Joe's holiday cards!
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( Sep. 8th, 2008 10:04 pm)
[ profile] extraspecialk has made an "Acupuncturists for Obama" bumper sticker. Get yours today:
Hi my name is [ profile] nisaa. I'm a Libra and an acupuncturist:

My friend Joan was experiencing a cascade of annoying physical symptoms -- mediocre digestion, mild headaches, chronic congestion in her ear, itchy skin. None was terrible, but together they were a big distraction. After two trips to her regular acupuncturist, there was little improvement. The acupuncturist decided it was time for more drastic measures: He was going to try a dramatic treatment that was akin to pushing a reset button on a machine. Success! Joan was freed from the nagging ailments and experienced a thorough rejuvenation. I suggest you seek out the equivalent treatment, Libra: Push the reset button.
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( Aug. 19th, 2008 10:47 pm)
Now hear this:
My mail at has been down for a few days and will be until further notice. If you or anyone else is trying to reach me, please email me at dcicuto at gmail or call 415.404.6109.



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