It's done:

In the end, I realize that I didn't do a whole lot of really detailed shots even though I only used the macro lens. So if I had it to do over again, I might have not given myself that restriction. For me, this book is more about the arrested decay than about the macro goodness, but it was a neat experiment.

A difference for me between this year's project and last year's is that I'm giving myself a day or two before I publish the book so that I'm happy with the printed copy. The goal was to get to a PDF of the book in 31 days. I did that. Last year I hit "print" right away and I ended up with some typos.
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Very nice; I particularly like the shot on page 16.
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I think I will be squeaking in just under the wire; hopefully there will be lots of sun this weekend, because while I have 35 prints right now, I wouldn't say that they are all good enough. :) I've started roughing out the book design, though; I'm not sure if I want to make it something physical I can use as an example for the book design service or not, but there are some awfully tempting new options on the book printing front right now.

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Thank you! Next year, I'll be able to do a Pennsic book. Perhaps you'll let me include a photo of you?

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Of course.

ETA: If you're taking theme suggestions, I might put forth "Beauty in the Wild", and focus on how people go about their beauty/primping rituals with limited (or not so) modern resources. Hell, I might do it if you don't :P
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Okay, I'm just going to riff on this, because now my brain is churning...but one of the things that occurs to me is how often we rely on other people at SCA events to help us "get ready". Whether it's being laced in to a dress/corset, having someone do your hair because you don't have a mirror, or decorating each other with henna/woad, etc. I'd love to see a talented photographer capture that interaction.

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That's a great suggestion! I will definitely consider that for a theme :)


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