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( Jun. 30th, 2010 09:22 am)
I think I'm about a week into it and I've got 5 images I may use so far. I plopped them into the Booksmart template and will leave them there until I have more photos and decide for sure.

Here's the theme that's sort of emerging: things with cobwebs and crumbled things (not food, but statues and not necessarily ancient ruins either, just things that were whole and now aren't).

So far, I've mostly taken photos in my neighborhood. I've read about the abandoned hospital or dentist office in Alameda that was creepy and potentially haunted but also burned down last year.

If anyone has any suggestions for places near Alameda and Oakland for me to photograph, let me know. And I'll be in New York near New Windsor, Pomona and Nyack for four days in July so if you happen to know any places near there, it might be hard for me to get around but if there's a must-see thing, I'll find a way. I don't remember any abandoned places near Nyack but I grew up near there a very long time ago and I'm sure it's changed a lot.


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