Shop local for the holidays! Support artists and crafts people you know! Here are some of my favorites. Please feel free to add yours in the comments:

People I know in California (most local to me in the Bay Area):

Stunning nature photography prints and workshops by Joe Decker :

Rain Hannah makes gorgeous jewelry:

Heather Robinson creates amazing paintings. Someday I'll own one:

Moira makes felted wool vases, knitted coffee cup holders, awesome hats and more:

Jean Chen makes soap with beeswax from beehives in Alameda, CA (she's also my tattoo artist):

Lisa Ellis makes beautiful earrings and stitchmarkers:

People always ask me where I got my Steampunk iPhone case:

Dorktastic crocheted things from kayte kelly:

Everytime I see Katherine at a local show or convention, I simply have to buy something from her. She helped save my mom from her fanny pack with a custom pocket toolbelt:

Artists from other parts of the US:

Marrus is one of my favorite painters and she wrote a book you should read too:


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